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Negros Island is set in the heart of the Philippines, at its scenic eastern side lies the province of Negros Oriental. The beautiful province of Negros Oriental is easily accessible by air, land and sea links.

The capital city of Dumaguete is approximately 346 nautical miles south of Manila, and approximately 72.5 nautical miles south-west from Cebu City.

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Dumaguete Runway

From Manila

Air Asia,Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines service the Manila/Dumaguete Route. The flight time from Manila to Dumaguete is about one hour and fifteen minute (1h 15m).

From Cebu

Only Cebu Pacific services the Cebu/Dumaguete Route with a flight time of around 30-45 mins.

All aircraft lands on The Sibulan-Dumaguete Airport, which is located 3km, or an approximate 7-10 minutes ride from the city center.

Various options are available for transportation to Dumaguete , from pedicabs, multicabs to vans and taxis. Many hotels and resorts provide free shuttle service to and from the airport.


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From Manila

2go covers trips from Manila to Dumaguete every Sunday 8:00 Pm arrives Monday at 10pm.

From Cebu

The Oceanjet – the local high speed craft transportation company- provides the quickest service, about a 3.5 hours trip via Tagbilaran. There are also two slow boats George and Peter Lines (GP) and Cokaliong that runs daily 5-6 hour trips to and from Dumaguete.

From Dapitan

Dapitan to Dumaguete route is serviced daily by George and Peter Lines (GP) , Cokaliong as well as with Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) transport companies Aleson Shipping Lines, Montenegro Shipping Lines , Super Shuttle Ferry and Fastcat.

From Siquijor

The Oceanjet service the route daily for 30 mins.- 45 mins. in between the islands as with Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) transport companies Aleson Shipping Lines and Montenegro Shipping Lines.

Land Travel

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From Bacolod

The Ceres Liner cris-cross Negros Island everyday with trips from Bacolod to Dumaguete with 30 mins. interval per trip, the first trip at 3:10 AM and the last trip at 7 PM.

From Cebu

The Ceres Liner offers 4-5 hr. air-conditioned trips from Cebu to Dumaguete crossing the Tanon Strait via a barge from Bato (Cebu) to Tampi (Amlan-25 mins. from Dumaguete City).

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